MARGARET MINER, LMT; movement classes, yoga, tai chi

What To Expect

What To Expect During a Massage Session

Your massage therapist will ask preliminary questions and have you complete a health history intake form to determine your overall health and what results you desire from your session.

When in the privacy of the treatment room, you will remove your clothing to your level of comfort and lie down on the massage table covering yourself with the topsheet and blankets provided.  Pillows and bolsters can be used to make you more comfortable.  Your therapist will be out of the treatment room and will knock before entering the room to ensure you are ready for her to enter.  If you have any issues about undressing, talk to your therapist beforehand as there are some techniques that can be used while working over clothing.

When the session begins the therapist will uncover only the area of the body to be worked on and when done, cover you again before moving on to the next area.  Oil or lotion is usually used to prevent friction on the skin although there are some techniques that use little or no lubricants such as myofascial release.  Relaxing music is generally playing unless you find it distracting.

You can choose between the gentle techniques of full body relaxation massage or therapeutic work that focuses on releasing specific areas of tight, sore muscles and increasing joint range of motion.

When your session has ended your therapist will leave the room so you may dress in privacy.