Restorative Movement

 I am a 2017 certified graduate of the Nutritious Movement Institute, founded by world renown bio mechanist , Katy Bowman.  

Katy believes much of our physical dysfunction is the result of a lack of varied daily movement combined with poor physical alignment which in turn cause damage to our bodies.

Like machines, our bodies are designed to function best in a particular alignment.   When we are "out of alignment" our body parts begin to experience damage, accompanied by pain and dysfunction.

In Restorative Movement class you are taught alignment basics and corrective moves to incorporate into your daily activities that will, over time, balance and heal the body. The results are less muscle and joint pain, improved flexibility, better balance, and more energy.

This program is for everyone, whether you are a couch potato, athlete or anywhere in between!


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Private sessions and group classes are held at my  studio at 22 West Oneida St.,  Monday at 5:30 pm  and Tuesday at 2:00 pm  Classes are one hour and cost $15 per class.  

Have between 4-7 people interested in a "private" group session?  Call me and schedule a date and time.

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