Restorative Movement


Taught by Margaret Miner, L.M.T. 

Nutritious Movement certified Restorative Exercise Specialist


Our bodies have been molded into shapes and conditions that reflect our lifestyle choices between activity or inactivity. This shape may no longer have the ability to perform functional movements that should come naturally to us.  In its place we experience immobility, pain and degenerative conditions.

Restorative Movement is about learning the difference between movement and exercise and rebuilding the ability to move again as nature designed us to.  It is understanding the difference between posture and alignment.  That all activities, done mindfully and in correct alignment cultivate better posture and promote effective functional movement,  replacing a lifetime of damaging habits.

Classes are not exercise sessions although they can be physically challenging as you learn to move as nature intended you to.  Instead, alignment principles are demonstrated that  teach you recognize and change  detrimental movement habits to ones that create positive benefits from all your daily activities, not just during gym time.  You include and  retrain more of your muscle mass by strengthening weak areas and stretching tight, overused ones. We get fit because we move better and more frequently during our daily activities.

Topics of classes vary from week to week and do not need to be taken in consecutive order as previous material is often reviewed and  built upon.  They include working on improving basic movement skills that we as humans should all be able to perform with effectiveness and ease.  Some examples of these are balance, walking gait, getting down and up from the floor, floor sitting, squatting, crawling and lifting, all skills useful in our daily lives.  Movements can be adapted to any skill level and no one is pushed to do more than they are safely capable of.  

The joys of simple actions such as playing on the floor with your children or enjoying a walk can be rediscovered step by step through small physical adjustments and dedication to practicing small movements throughout your day.


Class Information

Classes are held at 22 West Oneida St., Office 2;  Oswego, NY

( across from the police station, use Oneida St. entrance)

Most Mondays @ 2:30   and most Tuesdays @ 5:30

Class schedules are posted monthly at

$15 per hour class or $50 prepaid for any four classes

Private one hour lessons available for $75

Private prepaid group lessons for four to eight participants can be arranged at a time of mutual convenience.

Contact me by text or voicemail at 315-591-0940 or email at


In compliance with restrictions due to Covid, class size is limited to 8 participants so we can safely socially distance.  Please wear a mask if you have not been vaccinated and bring your own yoga mat if you have one.  

Walk ins will not be admitted so please call or text me at 315-591-0940 to reserve a spot for yourself.  If for any reason you can't attend please let me know so someone else can take your spot.

Hand sanitizer is readily available and classroom and exercise props are routinely disinfected.