Restorative Movement

Taught by Margaret Miner, L.M.T. 

Nutritious Movement certified Restorative Exercise Specialist

Mondays @ 2:30  & Tuesdays @ 5:30.... $15 per class or $50 prepaid for any 4 classes

Contact me by text or voicemail at 315-591-0940 or email at

Our bodies have been molded into shapes and conditions that reflect our lifestyle choices of activity or inactivity. This shape may no longer allow you  to perform functional movements that should come naturally.  In its place we experience immobility, pain and degenerative conditions.

Classes begin with using foam rollers and balls to massage and warm up the muscles and fascia.  From there alignment principles are taught that promote recognizing and changing detrimental movement habits to ones that support health and vitality. You feel better because you move better throughout the day....whether at home or at the gym.

Topics of classes vary from week to week and do not need to be taken in consecutive order. Some examples of these are balance, walking gait, getting down and up from the floor, floor sitting, squatting, crawling and lifting.......all skills useful in our daily lives.  Movements can be adapted to any  level and no one is pushed to do more than they are safely capable of.  

 In compliance with restrictions due to Covid, class size is limited to 8 participants so we can safely socially distance.  Please wear a mask if you have not been vaccinated and bring your own yoga mat if you have one.  
Hand sanitizer is readily available and classroom and exercise props are routinely disinfected.