Restorative Movement

Taught by Margaret Miner, L.M.T. 

Mondays @ 9:00 & Tuesdays @ 4:00

 $15 per 75 minute class or $50 prepaid for any 4 classes

pre registration required as class size is limited to 6 participants

Contact me by text or voicemail at 315-591-0940 or email at



"So You Want To Move Better"

There is a mistaken belief that aging decreases the ability to move well.  That is a partial truth.  It is not aging itself but simply the fact  these abilities decline due to lack of practice. Movement is traded for the  comforts of modern plush seating and other conveniences which creates a negative impact on functional movements such as floor sitting, kneeling and squatting.  This results in pain as well as stiff muscles, fascia and sore joints.

This class series teaches how to work out the kinks keeping you from moving well.


Rolling fascia and muscles of lower body

Monday March 21 @ 9:00 and Tuesday March 22 at 4:00

Floor movements are difficult if the muscles and joints of the feet, legs and hips are restricted.  This class focuses  on using massage balls to roll out these areas with some focused stretches added in to get you moving smoothly again.


Chair sitting

Monday March 28 @ 9:00 and Tuesday March 29 at 4:00

Learn better mechanics for sitting and getting in and out of the chair.  (Did you know sitting is considered a modified squat?) We will roll out the hips and back and practice a few more stretches.


Transitioning to floor sitting: finding how low you can go

Monday April 4 @ 9:00 and Tuesday April 5 at 4:00

Can’t sit on the floor yet?  That’s ok.  I’ll show you ways to get closer. More releasing fascia and muscles with massage balls as well as practicing floor movements.


Floor Sitting  Positions

Monday April 11 @ 9:00 and Tuesday April 12 at 4:00

Now that I am on the floor what are my sitting options?  And how do I get back up?


Student Choice Review

Monday April 18 & 25 @ 9:00 and Tuesday April 19 & 26 at 4:00